Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weight Loss or Not

Mercy,this weight problem I've been battling all of my life!! And it has not gotten any better,I'm feeling so down right now. Did I really hear from God or was it the flesh? I'm having questions popping all over the place. This is a very hard place for me because I hate being fat,I totally hate it!! There are a lot of big girls,ladies that look good in their clothes,but I don't consider myself one of them. But where is my God in all of this pain and disappointment ? It seems as if there is no way for me to lose this weight and keep it off,yet there are so many others that have achieved this. So what do I do now? Well I'm sure of a few things:
1. God's love for me has not changed.
2.Maybe I didn't hear from God what I thought.
3.I will continue to trust in God because he is the truth and he still has all power.
4.I will keep praying for I'm sure God can and he will help me do this,because he loves me.
5. God's delays are not denials.
When all is said and done,through every type of trial under the sun.The question is always: Will you trust God in this and continue to praise him? And Father my answer is yes I will because I know you and you're good and your promises are all true and you have not planned any defeat for me.
I hope you're having a wonderful day,and if you're in a hard place,just remember  Romans 8:35~39 Nothing can separate us from the Lord .

 Romans 9:26 The Holy Spirit helps us in our distress.For we don't even know what we should pray for,nor how we should pray.But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. Praise God for I sure need that help today.
Love in Christ
Praise God I'm on my way! God is a promise keeper,I prayed and prayed Father please do not let me get my up to a size 24. I was praying and yet so full of fear and in spite of it all God is walking me through,learning how to eat healthy and portion control are important for me. I love to eat and I do still enjoy my food,but eating less is good for me.I'll add pictures of the little me when I get there. Right now is a picture of me at my heaviest 264lbs.
I did lose the weight, after many years! I am now in a size 16 thank you Jesus, it's a struggle!  But God is Able.
Love in Christ Pat 
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Bernadine said...

Pat, I totally get how you feel. I too battle with weight. I've lost it, kept it off for a few years and thought I was done with the battle of the bulge but it crept back on and now I'm battling again...
Love the thoughts you shared.
God bless

Pat said...

O Bernadine you'll never know how much your comment means to me! I was just saying earlier Father I cannot believe no one came to encourage me,and here you are not only encouraging me but totally understanding,thanks so very much.
Love you

Regina said...

First of all thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! (Not sure how you found it but thank you!)
Now moving on...
Thank you so much for sharing your heart in this post! WOW, I struggle with the same thing and have all my life. Out of all my cousins I have always been the thickest so that insecurity has grow with me as I've gotten older. I have had yoyo weight for ever, it goes away, but it comes back. SMH, I know that it is not a reflection of God's love for me but I truly hate being Heavy. I am again endeavoring to reduce my weight, so please pray my strength and I will do the same for you!
Be Blessed (and please visit again!)
In Him

Pat said...

Thanks Regina,man it's a struggle and like you said it's been an on going thing for me too,yes I'll be praying for you,because God can and will help us do this.
Love ya see you soon.

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