Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Thinking

I'm thinking about how very "Awesome God is",I'm reading in Genesis and trying to visualize what's going on as God is calling stuff & things into existence. I mean when I think about God and all he's done and can do,it makes my head hurt lol,but a good headache.God said let the land sprout with vegetation,he didn't even have to call them one by one,like come on string bean or taters it's amazing!And let there be trees that grow seed bearing fruit,again no singling out,the trees knew which fruit to produce.In God's mind all of this was all ready formed, he just spoke and "bam" there it was! Mind blowing,mind blowing for real,thinking about how "Awesome God is" yet he loves little nut buckets like us.Then we know who else was watching all of these amazing things God was doing,satan,I bet his eyes were bugged almost out of his head!!! As God kept right on speaking this world into existence,wow the moon,sun,stars and all of the planets hanging on "Nothing"!!!! The water in the oceans and in the heavens,can't nothing move unless God says so,"What A Mighty God" we love and try our best to serve. We weren't there then, but the next "Great and Awesome thing God's going to do,we will not miss it,for Jesus is coming back,ready or not He is coming"!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Scripture:Genesis 1:11a
Love In Christ Pat

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Steve said...

Hi Pat, you are such a blessing. I believe one day we'll see how God meant for it to be before the fall in the garden, total peace with no worry, no hurt or pain, the supplier of our every need.
I can hardly wait. I'll see you there, Glory to God!

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