Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why do we "Worry??

I tell ya these days we're living in are tough! And as hard as we try to stay focused we don't. It's tough to see your loved ones and friends struggle,when there's nothing tangible we can do. I know that God loves us unconditionally,I mean I know that with all of my heart and that God will show up! But he has not-Yet! And the pain continues with my dear friends,the enemy those 2 good buddies fear & doubt are sticking around and pounding them down,way down. So I'm asking for your prayers for Linda & Elijah please they are hurting,and the strong should bear the burden of the weak. I'm praying and Praising God for change,and it will come,not as quick as we want it,but it will come. God's word is true no matter how I feel that does not change the effectiveness of our prayers or God's word. I appreciate you and thank you for your help.
Love in Christ Pat

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Steve said...

Bless your heart Pat. I just prayed for them, and you. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait upon the Lord. Your right, God will show up in His time. Words sometimes are easy to say, and at times, words can help, but not every time. Most times it takes the power of God if there is going to be change. It hurts to know that you are hurting, and your buddies also. We'll just keep praying, that God will intervene soon. God bless you

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