Friday, October 2, 2009

What Now?

When you feel as if God has left you? What do you do? I'm so stressed and tired from helping dear friends who just lost their Mother,until I can't even think straight. Writing has always been an outlet for me,so I can just let my feelings out.I know that life has all kinds of trials daily and oh how we need God's help.But there are days like this when it's as if I can't hear from my Father,and I've learned to just be still.For God knows all and he is aware of all I'm going through and my feelings.My feelings has nothing to do with my love for God,and nothing to do with his love for me.Even though I know that's true this is a hard time for me now.I've also learned that in times like this is when satan is ready to attack with doubt & fear,he waited until Jesus was hungry to bring his attack in the wilderness,but God pulled him through and he has not left me "Hallelujah"! "Whew" how I praise God for touching me even now and encouraging me,yes Lord my soul says yes to you oh Lord. What would I do if God had not been on my side,but he is forever!!! Truly the Lord is my helper and my strength,yes be still and know that I am God.God is so awesome and his love for us never changes.If you're in a hard place I want to encourage you to be still and wait on God.
Love in Christ Pat


Kelly's Ideas said...


Love your blog -

Pttyann said...

Thank you Kelly!
Love ya

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