Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Spite Of...

This is a beautiful fall day kind of cloudy and this is my kind of weather for sure,but lately I have been having some bad bouts with arthritis & fibro.One causes pain in my joints and the other causes pain in my muscles,and this is not a good day for me.But I do feel like writing & crying all at one time,but in spite of all the pain and depression I still have lots of reasons to Praise God.Because I could be a lot worse,I think of all the young people I’ve seen in Nursing Homes and I know for sure how blessed I am. I worked for many years as a CNA taking care of the sick & the elderly and I truly loved it,I meet so many nice people and some were mean but that was okay,it was probably the pain or not being able to change their situation.I’ve learned like Paul to be content with whats going on in my life because I know what God loves me,and he will help.And God does help me so much it’s a battle to keep my mind on Jesus and off myself.The flesh loves a pity party but when the flesh is weak,God lifts up my spirit so that I can handle this. It’s such a wonderful blessing to know Jesus Christ and to know that he will never leave me,even when I’m feeling so low like today,for he understands my weaknesses and loves me right through them all! Whoa it seems as if I’m rambling here but it gives me such pleasure to encourage others,and if you’re facing something worse than what I’m going through hold on and don’t give up! For in spite of all we go through God will always send help to us one way or another,help will come. When I’m feeling like this I’ll think about the saints of old that God brought through and that gives me hope,like Job,Mordecai,Daniel and others. Oh yea and Habakkuk in chapter 3:17~19) one of my favorite scriptures: Even though the fig trees have no blossom,and there are no grapes on the vine;even though the olive crop fails,and the fields lie empty and barren;even though the flocks die in the fields,and the cattle barns are empty,YET WILL I REJOICE IN THE LORD! I WILL BE JOYFUL IN THE GOD OF MY SALVATION. THE SOVEREIGN LORD IS MY STRENGTH!


I hope you have a wonderful day
Love in Christ Pat


Deborah Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear about your battles with health! I have fibromyalgia, so that much I can relate to. And if that weren't enough, you have arthritis too? One thing that helps me is I take amitryptaline at night, that helps my muscles relax. And when I get a flareup I take 'Mucinex.' A doctor who has fibromyalgia recommends that. It gets all the toxins out of your system. I'll keep you in my prayers, Pat. I know it must be rough, but it's obvious Jesus shines right through you anyway!

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

I'm with you, right here: "YET WILL I REJOICE IN THE LORD!"

Your trust is well-placed. Thank you for the example you set here.

Steve said...

Thanks Pat for the visit and comment. I am so sorry that you don't feel well because of pain. My prayers are with you, and I prayed just now that God will give you comfort for the days ahead. My God bless and help you through this.