Monday, August 31, 2009

When you've heard from Me

I do love and enjoy the old testament in my morning reading I was reminded,When you've heard from God don't even consider anything else! No matter who it comes from it's truly always best to "obey God". In 1 kings 13:1 The man of God heard from God and started out being obedient but was later persuaded to be disobedient,and he paid dearly.As I was reading this chapter I was wondering why did God allow this old prophet to do this,it seemed like a set up.But I was also reminded that God has a right to test us however and whenever he wants to,our job is to obey God and only God's voice and his leading us.It's amazing something that seems so simple as eating got this man of God into big trouble,that's why we need to be careful and obey God,even when it seems minor.
Love in Christ Pat

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