Monday, August 10, 2009

What Will It Take?

To believe in God until there is a change of heart? Just saying Jesus I believe want do it,you must be real with God,and acknowledge him for who he is. King Nebuchadnezzar said he believed,after all God showed him through Daniel.But his believing in God wasn't from his heart,it was only lip service.It does make a difference! Nebuchadnezzar knew from a first hand view the awesome power of God,and yet he refused to really believe in God.God has shown himself in so many,many different ways,yet you still refuse to acknowledge him as almighty God? what will it take to convince you,it took King Nebuchadnezzar a really "Big Fall",to bring him to his senses,to the point of eating grass like a cow,for many years!( Daniel 4:24) Then finally he realized that the God of heaven rules this whole world! Don't let your "pride" lead you to a endless & lonely place without God,but if that's what it takes,God will allow you to go there! In order for you to come into relationship with him,for God's love for you is "Great"!
Love in Christ


Steve said...

That's a good question. I have two sons that are lost. They are 31 and 34. I've only been a child of the King for 12 years. My life did not line up with the word of God for many years. I have one son that reads everything I write on my blog, and I talk with them all the time, and they do hear what I say. It took my dad dying right in front of me to understand how death can come so quick. I know the Lord has been dealing with both of my sons for sometime now. Please pray, and have all your blog friends to pray that God will bring them to that point in life. May God bless and keep you

Pttyann said...

Hi Steve I sure will keep your son's in prayer,Thanks for your visit.

Don't Give Up!

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