Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I will take your life
and twist it
until you don't even know
I will make you
sell all that you 
just to feed me
I care nothing about
any race nor
does it matter who you
you think you can
try me and leave
whenever you please
Haven't you realized
that I am a 
and I plan on being
with you until the
Cocaine is a terrible drug,and it has wrecked havoc in so many lives,it's so sad.
Many truly thought they could try it and quit,but that proved to be a lie.
Your only hope of continued deliverance is through the power
of almighty God,with Him all things are possible.
Love in Christ Pat


Maia said...

Hello Pat,

You have a beautiful blog with a warm content.
I visited a few pages and I've admired the pictures of your lovely family too. Beautiful girls, your grand daughters.

I couldn't find any pages related to flowers though.
I appreciate you using my My Macro Flowers Saturday badge but its only purpose is to link to blog posts with flowers.
I'm not comfortable seeing it on a page about drugs, so I hope you don't mind taking it off and using it only when you have some flowers to share on Macro Flowers Saturday. Thanks.

I wish you a beautiful week ahead!

Pat said...

Hi Maia
No harm intened and your link has been removed,thanks for your visit see you soon I added you to my bookmarks even though I don't take pictures I do enjoy others beautiful work.

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