Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going Deeper?

So you want to go "Deeper"- but do you know the cost? Going deeper is being all that Jesus saved us to be and it will cost us much,but it also cost Jesus his life to fulfill God's will. Going deeper means scaricfice  you will be called out from doing things your way,and really when you think about it that gets tough.For when Billy and Jean keep treating you the same old way then what? or you just left church 5 minutes ago and everybody else talking about Sally so.When you feel like doing wrong,but right keeps calling what do you choose? In order to please God we must choose right-right,but when we love doing wrong whew it gets tough.That old sin nature pulls us one way and the Holy Spirit is pulling us the right way,for after all gossip doesn't seem that bad at least when it's not about you. Going Deeper will expose us for who we really are for the Spirit of God is light,and when we start seeing ourselves as God does it causes us to be sensitive to needs of others instead of being critical. Seeing ourselves makes us cringe at the thought of the things we do and the way we act,but thank God for his Holy Spirit and the light he brings. The fire of the Spirit will burn hot but it's needed to draw us closer to God,helping us ever so gently and strongly when needed for this old nature is the enemy within us. But God is more than able to help us become all he has in mind for us,through his Holy Spirit working in us "Hallelujah".
Father draw us ever so close to you in Jesus name for we long to please you, going deeper is worth the cost and Father as the heat is poured on help us to remember you are in total control Amen.
Love in Christ Pat

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Steve said...

Amen Pat. As always, your a blessing.

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