Saturday, January 16, 2010


The Land of The Free
What is it that draws Me here?
To the Land that claims
You Are Free!
The land of the Free
Oh I have many things to offer
Once here you see
I watch them come
From every Shore
To America
The Land of the Free
Except the Haitians
Who were turned back to
the Sea
They came by boat loads
But were not Welcomed here
In America
The Land of the Free
Now there land is all torn
And Many bodies have been thrown
Into silent graves you see
Yet here in America we claim we
Claim we are Free
But the Haitians were never
Good enough for us you see
So God in his Mercy
I truly believe has Set Many Free
God is Wonderful,Understanding and full of love
You See
Many,Many Haitians are Free
God has I believed Set them Free
Without reaching The Shores
Of America
The Land of the Free
I am devastated you see
Could it be that they
look like me
Could be but it's also
The Love in me
I Thank God,I Thank God
Many,Many Haitians are Free
Without Coming To The
Land of The Free
There is a "Freedom" you see
Unknown to Many
And it comes through Jesus Christ
For Heaven is true "Freedom to Me!

Written by :Pat Thacker


Ji said...

amazing lines,
you have your wisdom shining bright today.

smiles :)

from jingle

Ji said...

How are you?

You Deserve To Be Happy,
Have A Wonderful Evening.

Pat said...

I am happy and doing well! Thank you and you deserve to be happy :) :)

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